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Handmade Reindeer Antler Handle Hunting and Fishing Knives by Simon

Knives by Simon New Pricing on KnivesWhy buy a Custom Made Knife by Simon:

  • Sawblade Antler KnifeONE OF A KIND — The homemade knives from Minnesota have a individually unique reindeer antler handle which enables a very good grip.
  • HANDMADE — A custom fit, hand made and hand stitched sheath comes with each handmade knife.
  • QUALITY BLADES — The carbon steel holds an edge well and enables ease of sharpening.
  • ANTIQUE LOOK — The blades have antique patina as they are made from old circular sawmill blades, rather than shiny like most knives.
  • SECURE HANDLE — The tang goes at least 3 - 4" into the handle, is notched and secured with epoxy.
  • BALANCED — The brass guard is silver-soldered to the blade so the knife is a solid, perfectly balanced unit.
  • AUTHENTIC— The knives are signed, numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.
  • MULTIPLE USES — Can be used for fishing, hunting, farming or as a collectors item.
  • Contact us for wholesale and/or quantity pricing. International shipping is also available.

Daryl Simon knife maker with Tilly the reindeer

Award-winning knife maker Daryl Simon lives in Southern Minnesota. Daryl raises the reindeer that produce and shed their antlers annually. Both male and female reindeer grow antlers that create a "renewable resource" for Daryl to make his unique line of hand crafted knives. Read more about our business here.

Click the image below to watch Daryl and Crystal Collection Reindeer on KSMQ "Farm Connections".

Daryl on KSMQ Farm Connections



Photo 1: Saw mill blade to be made into knives. 

Photo 2: Daryl holding Tilly, the reindeer.This is an example of the antlers from which the knife handles are made after they are naturally shed.