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Friend Darin with Knives by Simon knife

How to Care for Knives:

Care of Carbon Steel Knife Blades

Carbon steel – like 1095 and A-2, to name two—naturally is more prone to something called "oxidation", the most damaging form of which is rust. Another type of oxidation, the kind that darkens a shiny new knife blade, commonly is called "patina"- and it's actually a good thing.

  • Before the advent of mass produced stainless steel knives, virtually all blades were carbon steel. When a knife developed a patina of gray or even black, the change in color simply was an indication of use. Some still consider patina a sign of "character" - both the tool's and the owner's.
  • Most important, patina forms a sort of protective barrier to more sinister oxidation. It tends to fill in microscopic imperfections in the surface of the steel, making it more difficult for rust to take hold. In fact, many savvy (and impatient) knife owners intentionally "force" a patina on their knives by cutting onions, potatoes, pineapples or strawberries.
  • Of course, it's possible to remove patina with fine metal polish. The question is; why would you want to?

First, make sure that you don't let food residue, blood or moisture sit on the blade. Clean the knife after each use, checking to make sure it is dry. Then wipe it down regularly with either gun oil or mink oil. This will keep the rust at bay. Once this is done, sheath it for storage.

Care of Antler Handle on your knife

Natural antler can be re-sealed by applying a light furniture wax or oil and rubbing it in by hand. It is advised not to let this material dry out.

The Bobcat
Wolverine Knife by Simon
The Grizzly - Knives by Simon
The Weasel - Knives by Simon
The Wolf - Knives by Simon
The Bear - Knives by Simon
The Cougar - Knives by Simon
The Badger - Knives by Simon

Sure-Grip Knife Handle Upgrade

For an additional $30 you may have the sure-grip handle like the Wolverine. Contact us

Sure-grip knife handle upgrade