Crystal Collection Reindeer
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Lake Crystal, MN 56055


Sheath back showing two loops for belt

The Sheath:

  • is included with the knife
  • is hand cut, hand stitched from leather and custom fitted to each individual knife
  • is dipped in a combination of hot neat's-foot oil and beeswax to seal and waterproof it, as well as to retain a natural rustic look on the leather
  • can be worn hanging vertically or at a 45 degree angle on the left side of your belt
  • is riveted top and bottom
  • has an interior leather strip so the blade cannot cut through the stitching

Sheath edge showing stitching

The Horizontal Sheath - New design available for the Lynx, Weasel, Badger and Skinner

Horizontal Sheath for Lynx, Weasel, Badger and Skinner